A land of mists, myth and magic

Scotish castle in the fog. Photo credit: VisitScotland Facebook, Charles McGuigan
Photo credit: VisitScotland Facebook, Charles McGuigan

Visit and discover Scotland
There’s something extraordinary about Scotland, a country where its enduring symbols are men in checkered kilts, bagpipe marching bands, unicorns, castles and whisky. With its quaint villages, rolling hills, mysterious Loch Ness and no shortage of festivals and events, this scenic country begs to be explored. Find your inner calm or tickle your senses amidst its spectacular natural landscapes, treasured historic sites and mouth-watering tastes. From lush woodlands and glittering lochs to incredible labyrinths of medieval castles, a trip to Scotland is more than a vacation, it’s an adventure. Escape everyday life to experience magic — the magic of Scotland.

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