Discover Iceland

Majestic, raw and yet modern at the same time. Iceland, a unique destination – mixing an ever – changing wilderness with a modern European feel. Take advantage of this wonderful original tour offered exclusively from Delta Travel Inc.

Five day “Discover Iceland” tour:

ReykjavikDAY 1 – Morning – free. Afternoon “Get to know Reykjavik”  City Tour – half day.
Take the morning to settle in to your hotel and get your bearings. The afternoon will be devoted to showing you around Reykjavik, a city of contrast. Surrounded by the North Atlantic on one side and the austere volcanic mountains on the other, Reykjavik is a modern city built in a dramatic setting. Your tour will touch some of the cultural and historical landmarks of the area.


superjeepDAY 2 – Superjeep South Coast Tour – full day
The best way to see the “real” Iceland, Superjeep tours takes you on an adventure. Using modified vehicles to keep you comfortable, Superjeep takes you off the main roads along the south coast of Iceland. The volcanic nature of Iceland has resulted in surprisingly lush farmland for a country so far north. This tour takes you through farms and fishing villages nestled among inspiring cliffs, magical waterfalls and dramatic beaches.


RJDay 3- Riverjet Tour + secret hot spring lagoon
The only white water jet boat company in Europe, and a “must do” when in Iceland, you can think of today’s excursion as a personal example of Iceland’s nature. A thrilling 40 minute ride along the Hvita river culminating in a relaxing experience in a ‘secret’ hot spring lagoon. Half day excursion, you can add other options or self tour for the rest of the day.


P1010971DAY 4-Glacier hike – full day.
Iceland is a land of glaciers and no visit would be complete without visiting them.
Departing from Skaftafell we drive our bus to the front of Falljökull glacier (Falling Glacier). We start our walk along a winding path through the ever changing landscape carved out by the glacier. Arriving at the tongue of the glacier we will gear up on crampons and after a quick safety briefing and practice we head up towards the ice-fall. With your guide leading the way you will soon be exploring dramatic terrain, walking through a wonderland of ice formations and brilliant blue colors. You will have plenty of time to take in the vast panoramic views of the surrounding mountains as we make our way to the rugged and chaotic ice fall.


bluelagoonDAY 5 – Blue Lagoon + flight home
What better way to end your tour of this beautiful island than by visiting the Blue Lagoon prior to departing home. The Blue Lagoon is considered one of the wonders of the world. A geothermal spa and one of the most visited sites in Iceland.
Enjoy the invigorating mineral rich warm waters, visit the museums and gift shops prior to being dropped off at the airport for your flight home.