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In operation under the same owners since 1986, Delta Travel Inc is one of Ontario’s most reputable and most knowledgeable full service travel agencies. With a staff with decades of experience and a known network of suppliers and partners we are able to provide our clients a service that few can match.

We are a full service travel agency equally at ease creating a one of a kind around the world package or a simple flight to see family.

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There are many ongoing changes with respect to document requirements when traveling internationally. Please ensure you have obtained all necessary documents and permissions to travel to and from your destination. Customs and immigration procedures are ever more demanding and visas are now often required even for transiting through a destination. Please be aware that it is the passengers’ responsibility to ensure they have obtained all requisite documents prior to travel. Non compliance can result in financial losses and even legal prosecution.


Do you sell online?/Where are the prices on the site?
Delta Travel Inc. does not sell any product directly online. At present we at Delta Travel Inc do not feel that current online booking systems meet our client’s expectations for ease of use, quality of service or levels of security.
Likewise, while we may occasionally post some prices on the web site, we pride ourselves on customizing our service and products to the specific clients’ needs and wants.
This makes it very difficult to be able to reliably and accurately list price details.
Instead we offer direct contact with a person, not a computer, who will be able to provide accurate and up to the minute pricing information for all our services based exactly on what our client is looking for. So please contact us directly. We offer several convenient options: Use the “contact” form on this page, call our 1-800-387-7915 number or visit us at one of our locations in Southern Ontario.

Do you price match?
We’ve been in business for a long time! This means that we’ve built the relationships with suppliers that very often lets us beat, or at least match most of our competitors. However we pride ourselves on our service and reputation and will not match a price if we feel it would compromise the quality of our service or the safety of our client.

Do I need health insurance?
Yes! OHIP does not extend outside of Ontario! In order to ensure that you have proper medical attention should you need it, it is essential that you have supplementary insurance for your trip. Check with your employer as many companies offer travel insurance as part of their benefits. If you do not have coverage, let our agents know and we will be happy to provide you with a comprehensive package.
If you are not a Canadian Citizen, you may still be eligible for travel insurance.

What documents do I need to travel?
A valid passport is a must and many places require additional documentation, such as visas and travel permits, in order to visit or even transit through their country. Because every traveler is unique it is a necessary requirement that you, personally, contact the government consul or embassy of your destination(s) to ensure that you meet all document, legal and health requirements for your trip. By contacting these organizations directly you can be sure to have accurate and current information pertinent to your own specific situation.
A good place to begin is at the website of the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT).
It is essential that you ensure your documents are valid and in order before leaving Canada.

What can I take on my trip? (What luggage restrictions are there?)
Be aware: governmental restrictions exist with regards to what can be taken on an airplane as well as what can be brought into your destination(s). The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) website provides a list of items regulated by the government of Canada. Please ensure you check with the government(s) of your destination(s) regarding their regulations/laws.
While our agents will provide you with the latest information available regarding luggage allowances at time of booking, each airline sets their own luggage limits and these can change suddenly. Charters, air-only specials to some specific destinations tend to have more stringent weight restrictions, as such it is best to check with the airline directly prior to travel.


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